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About Us

Built from decades of experience in servicing and engineering, Advanced Powering Services Inc. is home to the services, products and brands that enable the backbone of our connected world.

As trusted partners to the leading providers of the Cable, Telecom & Battery Storage Industries, we focus on advancing connections by improving network reliability with superior service, improved technology and responsive reporting to increase network performance.

Advanced Powering Services
Advanced Powering Services


Advanced Powering Services purpose is to add value by leveraging it’s field experience to better service our customers, create improved technology, and provide a one stop status and reporting entity to help our customers improve their missions.


Joe Lusker

Chief Executive Officer

Joe leads APSI on all fronts, driving strategic planning & execution while quarterbacking all operations and resources. He has 30 years of senior management experience (at Global Payments Systems, Mastercard Int’l & Fidelity Investments), 10 years of experience in hardware engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.


Tim Scharf

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Tim heads sales & marketing drawing on his deep expertise of the cable & telecom industries. He unites hand in hand with APSI customers as true partners; focusing on quality, satisfaction and solutions. Tim has driven service and product direction for APSI for the past 20 years. He also acts as the qualifying electrical contracting officer for APSI. Tim got his start in the industry after being honorably discharged from the Navy as an E6, working as a chief engineer and then an independent contractor working on Alpha XM2 inverter upgrades around the US.

Rick Bower

Chief Technical Officer

Utilizing his excellent technical skill set in engineering, Rick leads APSI’s engineering & repair operations. He has designed dozens of products, including multiple solutions to keep equipment operating that is no longer available. He also provides support and technical assistance for powering applications various other standby powering equipment. He started his work as an electrical technician when he was 13 years old, and has spent 30+ years repairing electronics as an independent contractor.


Brennan Beach

Director of Sales

Brennan is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Voltronix, a lithium ion battery provider acquired by APSI in 2019. With his diverse background in the clean energy sector, he brings expertise in lithium ion batteries, energy storage, electric vehicles, solar and fluid power – all as new business opportunities for the cable and telecom industry. Brennan has an Executive MBA in Business Marketing.


Storm Floyd

Operations Manager – California

Storm is the integral connection between Sales & Operations. He provides technical support and strategic direction for the field services technicians as part of their daily workflow. He also manages all requests for fulfillment of equipment through his extensive 30 year history in the industry. Through his vast network he is able to find some of the most unique equipment to fulfill customer requests.

Arvinder Dhillon

Director of Operations

Arvinder oversees operations and national service for APSI. This includes our fleet, all regions and employees from an HR perspective. His attention to detail and flexibility spans the entire business from staff management to production and department supervision. Prior to entering the cable industry, Arvinder spent over 25 years in field implementation and engineering for the semiconductor industry.

Robert Hernandez

Products & Repair Manager

Robert manages the production of all existing APSI products and the purchasing of all parts/products nationwide. He also supervises the RF/Fiber Optic service lab and the nationwide Power Products service department. He has 30 years of experience in the Broadband/Telecom Industry.

Adam McReynolds

Project Manager

Adam manages APSI’s remote service teams across the United States with essential information and technical procedures to get the job done. He utilizes highly advanced tools for collaboration amongst the entire team and coordinates support to remote teams with services in difficult to access areas. He also coordinates logistics on over 100 tons of freight shipments.

Alfonso Alvizar

Product Engineer

Alfonso is a designer and developer of standby powering solutions. He is the lead on production of new batteries and provides expertise in product development, rendering CAD and creating new solutions. He has designed countless lithium ion battery systems and is pursuing electrical engineering degree. Alfonso has worked in the industry for 6+ years.

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