Advanced Powering Services

Professional, Responsive Service

Front line repairs, maintenance & recovery to keep your systems fully-functional.

Network Repair & Sales

Advanced facility repairs for cable and telecom equipment (RF, fiber optic, generators) from around the country. Mobile generator service also available. For non functioning equipment, we sell both new and refurbished.

Solutions Engineering

Field technicians firsthand identify system issues and partner with our engineers to develop solutions – maintaining networks for the long haul. Also available as a customer request.


Powering Maintenance

Proactive maintenance on critical backup power sites supports life expectancy of equipment, reduces failure, and minimizes downtime. Dedicated administrative staff assists technicians in real time with uptime verifications and alarm monitoring, ensuring full functionality.

Emergency Recovery

24/7 response to both natural disasters (hurricanes, wildfires, floods) and accidents (collisions) to support, restore and recover service in affected areas.

10 Year Service & Repair History:


Power Sites Serviced


RF Modules Repaired


Generators Repaired


Fiber Sites Serviced

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