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Electric UTVs

Converting lead acid to the Voltronix Lithium Ion battery system.

ATVs and Recreational Vehicles

Voltronix Lithium Ion battery systems are in over 300 electric UTVs and ATVs to date, most common for the Polaris Ranger EV.

Products Used: Voltronix 8, 10 and 14kW Battery System.

A game changer for the EV ATV market with a lithium battery upgrade kit that lasts up to 10 years or 3000 cycles. This new kit is targeted at customers wanting better performance from their existing Polaris Ranger EV ATVs. The kit was in the existing space while saving weight, improving performance and safety.

Video: A Canadian tourism company converted a Polaris Ranger EV from Lead Acid to the Voltronix Lithium Ion cells, BMS and related components. Range increased to 43 – 62 miles depending upon terrain. Click to view YouTube video. Or click to view all videos by Adventure Laurentienne.


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